From conventional analogue photo cameras, APS cameras up to up-to-date digital SLRs for professional use - we carry out the professional service, which is demanded by manufacturers for all these products and the corresponding equipment.

No matter if...

* cleaning focussing screens
* chaning closing caps
* exchange of electronic components
* repairing objectives and follow up adjustment

… in case of a warranty claim. Additionally we carry out all maintenance and repair jobs professionally in our repair shop.
For professional users with a valid CPS-contract we offer individual service and a quick execution of repairs. 

To shorten the length of time for a repair that is not free of charge you can set us a quote limit. We will carry out the repair immediately and without further inquiry up to this sum. Please don't hesitate to ask us for a detailed cost estimate.

As the trouble shooting is very time consuming we will charge a small fee in case you reject the repair. For details please read our terms and conditions.

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