From the good old analogue video camera of all systems... 

* Video8
* Hi8

…digital DV- and DVD camcorders up to up-to-date HDV devices we carry out Canon repairs in a case of warranty. Our repairs are done professionally in our work shop.

To shorten the length of time for a repair that is not free of charge you can set us a quote limit. We will carry out the repair immediately and without further inquiry up to this sum. Please don't hesitate to ask us for a detailed cost estimate. As the trouble shooting is very time consuming we will charge a small fee in case you reject the repair. For details please read our terms and conditions.

Please understand that the repair of older analogue models of Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, Blaupunkt and other companies are subject to the availability of replacement parts from the manufacturer. We are at your disposal for inquiries. 

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